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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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only 5% contained at this hour. at least one building has been destroyed so far. . our crew is near the scene. we will have a live report coming up very soon. >> weather critical for fire crews. let's turn to steve. >> thank goodness it wasn't sunday or monday. 106, 107. there's a big change already. now, it's still windy, but it's out of the west, southwest. i'm seeing gusts 25, 35 miles per hour. at the airport not as strong. temperatures 50s and 60s. at least the humidity is way up there. that's the good news. we'll continue that teem. low clouds have made it to the livermore valley. we'll go for a high today, 83 with a west, southwest wind 20 miles per hour. humidity, 30%. there's the west at 9. . low
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clouds in place, and a rather robust breeze behind that. very mild on the coast, 60 half- moon bay. the water temperatures are between 61, 66. even with a low cloud deck and a west wind, it can be a lot colder. that's not the case. mild by the coast. 80s coming out of the 90s, 60s, 7 0s around the bay. want to stay with that or what? we're starting this time, steve on one of your favorite bridges. that would be the golden gate bridges. southbound 101 looks good on the golden gate bridge. as a matter of fact, the traffic is moving along very nicely as you head down to the toll plaza. it's looking good. as a contrast to that, with some very slow traffic at the dublun interchange. we have a lot of slow traffic coming up to the interchange. looks like there could be some sort of lane block
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cage here. it's westbound 580 as you come up on 680. so if you figure it out -- you don't need to figure it out. just give yourself an extra 10 minutes, and you'll get through it. through the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is light getting into san francisco. now at 4:31, let's get back to the desk. breaking news out of oakland at this hour. fire crews on the scene of a water-main break. these are live pictures near the scene of santa clara avenue and oakland avenue, which is right next to interstate 580 looking a little bit north of lake meritt. it appears the crews have it under control, but you can still see lot of water that spilled out from this water-main break this morning. our cameraman out there at the scene looking at the crews as they appear to be setting up to try to fix this. not clear yet how large the break is or how long it will take for it to be fixed. obviously, though, it is affecting traffic in the area. we'll of course keep you
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updated on any information, bring you more updates as we get them. okay. time now 4:32. here's a look at some of the top stories we're following this morning. the humane so thety is looking for a dog that may have been abused in a business. the video we're going to show you is graphic. the humane society was given a video by a neighbor of the business. they say it shows a woman picking up a small dog and slamming it to the ground and slapping it. the humane society said 11 other dogs have been seized from the business. the woman and business are not being named while this investigation continues. today friends and family will say their final good-byes to a contra costa sheriff's deputy who died trying to save a friend on lake tahoe last week. carlos francis better known as diamond will be laid to rest today in sacramento. the city's recently retired
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independent police auditor has filed a formal complaint against the department, claiming irregularities. police first said the homicide suspect was shot as he reached for his waistband. police later retracted that statement, saying he was shot in the back during a fast- moving set of events. well three people have been killed after someone shot into a crowd at a basketball game in rochester, new york. police say it was a drive-by shooting that happened late last night outside the boys and girls club. information about the victims has not been released. rochester police chief is asking anyone with information to come forward. in the meantime, four other people were injured during that same shooting. protests are flaring up in st. louis, missouri, following a deadly officer- involved shooting involving an 18-year-old african american man. police say it happened yesterday when they tried to serve a search warrant. they say the man, identified as mansour ballbay was one of two suspects running from a home where they
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found crack cocaine and four guns. police say the man turned and pointed the gun at officers, and that's when they opened fire. shortly after the shooting, the protests began. officers say they had to make almost a dozen arrests when things turbid violent. >> when officers approached them to ask them to leave the intersection, glass bottles started to be thrown at officers, bricks started to be thrown at officers. officers had to use shields to protect themselves from the objects being thrown at them. >> these protests follow some that erupted earlier this month following the anniversary of the death of michael brown. people who live in the area say they are ready for things to settle down. san francisco police looking if p morning for a man seen on video robbing a gas station. this happened about 5 in the morning august 8th on juniper sarah boulevard. the man walked in, could be seen picking up an item. after glancing outside, he goes over to the clerk and points a gun at his stomach. he then took money from the register. the robber is described as
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african american, described as between 27 and 30 years old, 5 feet 9, 160 pounds. at the time of the robbery, he was wearing a black north face jacket with the hood up. thieves have been targeting dairy farmers in san what keen county, sneaking in and stealing baby cows. six cavs have been stolen from three different farms in one night alone. that was one night. there's surveillance video from one of those farms. a dark car is seen pulling up to the pen. one man gets out, pulse two cats out, then puts them in the back of his car before driving off. >> they got this figured out. they're watching us, and they know when everybody's here and what time everybody comes in and leaves. >> now, the california farm bureau says there's been a recent increase in livestock theft. cavs are especially hard trace. investigators say the stolen animal could sell for hundreds of dollars. that could either be done
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through a prearranged deal of some kind or even on craigslist. >> wow. the san francisco land and lab rainth will be rebuilt after it was destroyed by vandals. it is made up of rocks organized into 11 concentric circles meant to represent peace, love, and enlightenment. last week, someone stole all the rocks, leaving only the out line of the lab rainth. the caretaker says the lab rainth has been vandalized several times since service built 11 years ago, but this is the worst she has ever seen. there's a developing story this morning outside of livermore. fire continues to burn out of control. it is only 5 miles southeast from the lawrence livermore lab. christian ticketten live near the fire loon. what does it look like out there? >> reporter: good morning, brian. very dark, very quiet so far. we don't really smell a lot of smoke. we don't know exactly what that means for the fate of this fire. as you said, at last report, only 5% contained.
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to give you an idea where we are, we're at the intersection of greenville and tesla. let's give you a live look so you can see the intersection is closed, the road closed at this time as firefighters continue their work to put out the tesla fire. the fire started yesterday afternoon off of tesla road. so far it has torched 2,500 acres. again, at last report, only about 5% contained. with dry windy conditions, the fire has grown by lyms and bounds, doubling in size from the first two hours. crews responding yesterday afternoon, doubling again two hours later. several structures have been destroyed, but there have been no reports of any injuries. crews were attacking this fire from the ground and from the air, and they say drought conditions have definitely contributed to this fire. they say it is very dry up there, lot of fuel for this fire. and we will be contacting alameda fire this morning to get an update on any progress fire fighters have made overnight.
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we're planning on traveling up this road to see if we can meet up with any of those fire crews to find out what happened overnight, what this fire may be doing as the sun comes up this morning, as the fire conditions possibly get worse. as, you know, the day progresses, it can sometimes make the fire worse as the day progresses. we'll continue to follow what happened in livermore, and have updates through the morning >> thank you for that update. some parts of california are sunking at an alarming rate due to the historic drought. new research finds some places are sinking nearly 2 inches a month. the worst are in four areas near or buckle, yaloosa county, near cochrin. it costs millions of dollars worth of damage. >> this site is a long-term problem. it's kind of insidious. >> i think what's happening now is some people are
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going to implement it faster. where you see problems, they're going to implement it more quickly. >> last year governor brown and lawmakers passed a law to regulate ground water pumping, but it won't be fully implemented until the year 2040. an expert told fox news the -- not all it's touted to be. matt mccloud, who is the founder of the california bitech firm modern moon farms tells fox news that the color l.a. chose was a bad idea. mccloud said the -- speed up evaporation. one of the makers of it ball says think other color would have required dye, and the chemical would have transferred into the water. the project cost los angeles $34.5 million. prices for bay area homes are returning to near
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record highs, according to a new report that's out. core logic says the median prices for a home that was sold in the last month in nine bay area counties was $661,000. that's just $4,000 less than the peak, which came during july of 2007. now salano county had the lowest median price at $330,000. and san francisco had the highest median price at just under $1.1 million. that's up more than a hundred thousands dollars in the last year. the report also says that more than 9,200 homes sold last month, which is close to the all-time high. >> prices are going back up again. >> through the roof. >> so to speak. >> exactly. time now 4:41. coming up, garbage trucks that do more than pick up trash. coming up in 20 minutes, how they could soon be used in san jose to solve crime. >> monday's earthquake a good
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reready for the next big one. coming up, gastia, she's talked to the red cross, a and the red cross came to her house to see how well she is prepared. >> good morning. looking at the east bay commute. starting off with highway 4. you can see highway 4 doesn't look bad coming up to the willow pass great. >> another very big fog bank making a charge inland. made it all the way to livermore in some areas. it'll be a cooler forecast for inland locations. we'll show you how much.
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what you can do to prepare for the big one. >> a crawl space underneath the house. supplies, and than food is here. >> so one of the things that i noticed was this setup is, it might be hard to get to these supplies at the time of the earthquake. >> because this place will be a mess. >> reporter: we hauled out the supplies to the driveway to get a good look. >> this is our earthquake -- >> it is very impressive stash of food. there are a couple of questions here. do you actually eat this stuff on a regular basis? . >> no. >> so that's the biggest mistake people often make s they pack their emergency kits with food they don't ordinarily eat; and when the disaster happens and see what's available for them to eat, and they don't want to eat it. >> does your family eat this stuff on a regular basis? if they don't, you are not going to be able to
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get -- >> if they don't like it now, they're not going to try it then. >> for the four of us -- >> we recommend 1 gallon of drinkable water per person per day, and that's not counting any sort of water you're going to need to wash something out, wash your hands, wash your pot. for the first glance, there are four people in here, and you have to do multiple things with water. i would say this is not enough. it auto's good start, a great start, but not enough. >> reporter: major points. >> in an earthquake p stuff is like gold? . >> yes it does. in addition your water, you definitely need your toilet paper and paper towels, because they have multiple uses. >> is this stuff people don't typically pack in their emergency kits? . >> that's absolutely correct. in all of my experiences with
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various different smaller disasters, the very first item people don't have are diapers, items of personal hygiene. >> okay. that was our own gasua mikaelian. we have a detailed list of what should be in your earthquake kit. that information from the red cross, you can find it on our web site, >> good information there. a faulty water heart being blamed for starting the rocky fire that destroyed dozens of homes near clear lake. that wildfire, as we know, started on july 29th. thousands of people had to be evacuated. cal fire said a gas-water heart malfunction in an out building. the fire then spread to nearby vegetation. there's no decision on whether the land owner or someone else might face criminal charges. time now 4:47. we want to get you out the door and off to work this morning. hopefully you're not heading there just yet. have a little time to stick around, hang out with the boys? . >> as a matter of fact, you do
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look at these traffic stops, gentlemen, doesn't look bad. right now traffic is doing pretty well. if you are driving, for example, on the bridges. let's start off with the east span. traffic is moving along nicely getting into san francisco. not a very bad commute. a very nice commute into the city. little to no delay to the teleplays. westbound 205, and 880, slow traffic as you come there now, it's nothing unusual. also looking at the vasco road area. you can see the traffic is moving along relatively well. we don't have anything reported out of the orlando snarery in this commute so far. let's go to steve in the weather center. we have a really strong fog bank out. there it's made it all the way to liver more. good news for the firefighters. the breeze is still cranked up, gust to 35 not far away at the altamont pass. look at the low cloud deck. it is really rolling along.
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martinez, 642 with a marine layer. keeping that ac billow for now. it was cranked up there big time there, if you will, over the weekend to monday. low clouds, breezy, windy. this afternoon, inland temps far inland continue their drop. they're not changing much. west, west, west at 9 and livermore airport. 29, gust to 35 at atamont pass. 77%. livermore airport, 73%. i expect that to go up. some good news for the firefighters. thank goodness this didn't happen on the weekend or monday when it was 104, 105 degrees. that's not the case today. there will be a west wind behind that. the breeze will kick things up. at least the humidity is up. the wind is not north or east; it's west. west, southwest fairfield, gusting to 31. 20, 25 around veneitia all the
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way over to port chicago, concord west, west, southwest at oakland. everything is in place, including warm ocean temps. monta ray is around 66. so fog is there, but that keeps the coast on the mild side. 6 0s there. it's cooler for many through the interior. 36 up in truckie, sacramento at 60. the delta breeze cooling everybody off in the inland areas. lot of lose out here in the northeast of hawaii. we'll keep an eye on these, signs of a system digging down to the pacific northwest next 10 days a. cooler pattern into the weekend, maybe beyond. no sign of any great warmup unless there's a hiccup in the forecast models. looks quiet for awhile. 60s, 70s, coast and bay. low clouds, cooler and breezy, mild near the coast. even cooler inland. by that, i mean up toward saint helena, even out to vacaville. the trend continues to take
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those trends down. also about i don't care, 80s and 7 0s. i mean there's only a 7-degree spread between oakland and along the creek. that's significant. 80s for the santa clara valley. the ocean temps are so warm, even with the fog, they do warm up. 70s on the peninsula now, out of the 80s as well. about as status quo as you can see. if i did a 10-day forecast, i don't think it would change much. looks cooler going into september, though. . >> appreciate it. it was like something out of a movie. >> just heard and felt this really intense impact. >> coming up here in 10 minutes, the close encounter in the ocean that has one man saying he is lucky to be alive. but first in court on child molestation charges. what's next in the case against former subway pitch man jared fogel.
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fans are dressing like their favorite characters, and, yeah,, even doing the truffle shuffle. >> i like the adventure. >> there's also a 30th anniversary memorabilia on sale for fans of the movie. not everybody is happy about the popularity of the film. a house that was used in the movie has been closed to visitors after the woman who owns it says she is tired of the thousands of people who visit every day. a blue tarp has gone up as well as signs reading "access closed." officials say the home attracts about 1,500 visitors each day. former subway spokesman jared fog,l will be under home detention until his sentencing on child pornography charges. the u.s. district attorney's office said the case began in 2011 when fogel first
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learned the former director of his charity was streetly making child porn. instead of turning his friend into police, fogel joined him. fogel faces 12 years in prison under a plea deal. he has agreed to pay $1.4 million in restitution to a total of 14 victims. >> let's call this what it is. this is about using wealth, status, and secrecy to illegally exploit children. >> fogel will have to register as a sex offender and attend counseling sessions. his wife released a statement, saying she is seeking a divorce. the fogels have two children. scientists from mit and harvard say the problem is when people have a faulty version of the gene. that causes energy to be stored as fat rather than burned. now studies show the gene can
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be manipulated to reverse this problem. they say that could lead to new drugs that could affect metabolism. current drugs focus on short- term weight loss and are aimed at appetite and brain function. coming up in our 5:00 hour, an horrific case of animal cruelty along the peninsula. up next, a video that has put an animal-care business under investigation. >> plus shocking allegations about ub,r drivers from the san francisco district attorney's office. wait until you hear some of the criminal charges that drivers are accused of committing.
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just took off rapidly. >> a grass fire in alameda county doubles in size twice in a matter of hours. an update on a fire that's burning out of control as "mornings on 2" continues. this is ktvu "mornings on 2." . good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." . >> good morning to you. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's get to the very latest on the developing news. that fast-moving grass fire is 5 miles southeast of livermore lab in eastern alameda county. so-called tesla fire started yesterday afternoon off t,sla road. it's only 5% contained now.
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now, the fire doubled in size two hours after it was first reported. then two hours later, it doubled in size again. >> historic in terms of the drought, and it's really bad this year. of course, we're still really early in the fire season. >> now, at least one building has been destroyed. so far there's no word of any injuries, but horses in the area, they were quickly rounded up by ranchers. a recreation park for dirtbike riders, it was evacuated, and the fire came dangerously close to a lab before the wind blew those flames away. now, we do have a news crew there at the scene. christian casten is out there. we'll hear from him later in this newscast. that breaking news we've been showing you out of oakland. new video here shows that large water-main break that happened this morning near santa clara avenue and oakland avenue. this area is right next to interstate 580, just a bit north of


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